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What's Foamee?

It’s a warm, sunny day and your car is in serious need of some TLC. Got your buckets and sponges? Check. Detergents? Check. Smartphone ready to upload your soon-to-be shining beauty on Instagram? Check. Let’s get started.

After a good rinse, you grab your sponge start wiping it down. But what’s this? All of that dirt and grime is rubbing into the paint making a bunch of ugly swirl marks on your paintjob. Yikes. That’s gonna need some work. Instead of spending hours polishing your car back to its former glory, take care of the problem before it happens.

The Foamee uses your pressure washer to clean your car with snow foam that eliminates dirt and dust buildup before the rest of your cleaning. Not only is our snow foam cannon a blast to use, it’s also the most simple and powerful pre-wash you can give your pride and joy.

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