Snow Foam Cannon Guide 2019

Snow foaming is the first step taken to thoroughly clean your car, motorbike or truck. However, it’s not recommended you use it to replace the standard car shampoo and mitt/sponge wash.

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Ultimate Hydrophobic Snow Foam and Shampoo

We now stock Ultimate Hydrophobic Shampoo and Snow Foam! Check out these videos showing the instant benefits of using Hydrophobic products on your car. 

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3 Reasons to Use a Snow Foam Cannon

lance snow foam

Car washing doesn’t have to be a burden for car owners. With the right materials and tools at hand, this task can be turned into a fun and qucaick weekly activity. One product that can help you make car washing more enjoyable is the Foamee Snow Foam Cannnon. How does it work? Foamee is a snow foam lance that comes with a tank that can hold 1L of liquid and is attached to a jet nozzle. It utilizes air-injection technology that allows it to produce super thick foam. With this snow foam lance, all you have to do is walk around...

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Which Snow Foam Cannon Adapter Do I Need?

adapter cannon lance snow foam

General guide for selecting your snow foam cannon adapter: Karcher K adapter fits K series K2 - K7 models. Gerni adapter fits: Gerni Husqvarna Stihl Homelite Bosch AQT/AR Blue Clean adapter fits: Bosch AQT AR Blue Clean Typhoon models up to TE2400 Michelin models up to MPX160 SOME Aldi Workzone*** Electric Ryobi Jet-USA (or you can use M22 female or 1/4" QC or Kew/Alto depending on where along the wand you want the snow foam cannon to be attached). Newer Aldi Workzones models. Black & Decker Sun Joe Comet Lavor adapter fits: SOME Aldi Workzone*** Ozito Most European washer models Hitachi Briggs...

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What's Foamee?

It’s a warm, sunny day and your car is in serious need of some TLC. Got your buckets and sponges? Check. Detergents? Check. Smartphone ready to upload your soon-to-be shining beauty on Instagram? Check. Let’s get started. After a good rinse, you grab your sponge start wiping it down. But what’s this? All of that dirt and grime is rubbing into the paint making a bunch of ugly swirl marks on your paintjob. Yikes. That’s gonna need some work. Instead of spending hours polishing your car back to its former glory, take care of the problem before it happens. The...

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