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Fireball Detailing Reseller

Fireball Ultimate Active Snow Foam and Fireball Premium and Ultimate Shampoo range are super concentrated, and are at least twice the concentration of other retail brands. This delivers excellent value for money.

Fireball Iron Burn products are non-acidic and are higher in formula strength than other similar type products on the market. This reduces waiting time to work effectively (compared to other type cleaners).

Fireball waxes are SiO2 glass ceramic based, which provided unparalleled protection, gloss and water beading, over traditional polymer/wax products. With higher grade paint finishes now added to all modern motor vehicles, it has led to customers demanding better car care products than are currently on the market. Fireball delivers! Fireball tyre waxes are SiO2 glass ceramic/wax fusions which are applied with a supplied foam applicator. Within minutes, the wax sets providing longer life, hydrophobic beading and consistent coverage. These products will not throw off tyres onto the car’s paintwork and has No silicone. No Fireball product contains silicone.

One of Fireball’s most popular product is Hydrophobic Active Snow Foam. It is a post wash and rinse coating which is applied with a snow foam lance, or can be hand washed onto a vehicle. It provides a SiO2 glass ceramic coating which lasts up to two months, keeping vehicles cleaner for longer. Most customers report that it has extended their weekly wash to a 2-3 weekly wash regime, saving time and money for the customer.

A further stand out products are the range of Fireball drying towels. Fireball Twist Drying Towel has outperformed all drying towels on the market, gaining a 10/10 for water removal in the latest tests in the UK and around the globe. It special twist hydroscopic construction simply sucks water off your vehicle’s surfaces. Machine washable, this towel will outperform and outlast any chamois, removes more water and reduces the water spotting. Fireball is committed to continual product development and is a leader in glass ceramic based car care products.