Ultimate Hydrophobic Shampoo 1L - Foamee

Ultimate Hydrophobic Shampoo 1L

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Simply add only 20ml (2 cap fulls) of shampoo into a 10 Litre wash bucket and wash on. Hose off to reveal a highly hydrophobic and high gloss finish that lasts for weeks. Can be used over existing hydrophobic coatings and products. Leaves surfaces with a velvet soft and freshly waxed feel. Treated surfaces stay looking cleaner for longer and because dirt doesn’t bond as readily, cleaning the car is much easier!

Features and Benefits
  • pH Neutral - Paintwork Safe
  • Concentrated Shampoo
  • Easily Applied via Bucket and Wash Mitt
  • High Mix Ratio 1:500
  • 1 Litre bottle provides up to 50 washes
  • High Hydrophobics and Gloss
  • Safe On Coated Paintwork

*To prevent staining please kindly follow manufacturer dilution ratio and use on cool surface only. Do not let the shampoo dry on surface.