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Features & Benefits:

  • Soft microfibre material will not scratch paintwork.
  • Heavy-weight microfibre absorbs large amounts of water quickly.
  • High-quality construction. The twist is a long-lasting towel.
  • Amazing single wipe to dry operation

Number One Microfibre Twist Dry Towel for Superior Drying Power.

Scores 10/10 in international drag drying tests.

Any time equipment encounters automotive paintwork there is the risk of incurring accidental swirl marks. As a result, a drying towel needs to be as soft as possible to reduce the chances of damage. The Fireball Black Fox Twist Drying Towel is made from the softest microfibre material. At 620gsm, this heavyweight towel absorbs water quickly to leave paintwork dry and blemish-free with a single wipe.

Technical Specifications:

Construction: 80% polyester, 20% nylon Weight: 620gsm

N.B. Wash twice before use to ensure colour fastness

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