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Introducing the Foamee Snow Foam Lance

lance snow foam

We now offer the Foamee snow foam cannon!

Foam your ride with this "Foamee" snow foam lance / cannon attached to your pressure washer. Start off your car wash by creating thick foam to get rid of the dust and dirt to avoid scratching your paint with your sponge or mitt. Add about 50-100ml of your favourite car shampoo or detergent depending on it's strength and fill up the rest with water. This will be enough for 1-2 washes. Best of all, it's super fun! Snap a photo of your foamed up ride and we'll post it up on our social media pages.  

Fits all models

  • Bosch
  • Bosch AQT
  • Lavor
  • AR Blue Clean
  • Black & Decker
  • Gerni
  • Nilfisk/Alto/Kew
  • M22 Kranzle
  • Karcher K Series
  • Karcher HD
  • and more!

Buy it now here.


Check out the Foamee in action on this Golf MK7 Wolfsburg R


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