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Which Snow Foam Cannon Adapter Do I Need?

adapter cannon lance snow foam

General guide for selecting your snow foam cannon adapter:

  • Karcher K adapter fits K series K2 - K7 models.
  • Gerni adapter fits:
    • Gerni
    • Husqvarna
    • Stihl
    • Homelite
  • Bosch AQT/AR Blue Clean adapter fits:
    • Bosch AQT
    • AR Blue Clean
    • Typhoon models up to TE2400
    • Michelin models up to MPX160
    • SOME Aldi Workzone***
    • Electric Ryobi
    • Jet-USA (or you can use M22 female or 1/4" QC or Kew/Alto depending on where along the wand you want the snow foam cannon to be attached).
    • Newer Aldi Workzones models.
    • Black & Decker
    • Sun Joe
    • Comet
  • Lavor adapter fits:
    • SOME Aldi Workzone***
    • Ozito
    • Most European washer models
    • Hitachi
    • Briggs & Stratton
  • M22 Female/Male adapter fits most petrol washers as well as:
    • Typhoon TE3500 and bigger
    • Michelin MPX160 and bigger
  • 1/4" QC fits most petrol washers
  • Bosch (non-AQT) adapter fits:
    • SOME Aldi Workzone***
    • Old non-AQT Bosch washer models
  • Most importantly, please refer to the dimensions in the photos and compare them to your pressure washer!

All adapters are G1/4 BSP. 13mm male or female thread diameter. 

Please double check the end of your current washer wand and compare to the adapter image and dimensions. 

Snow Foam Adapter Guide

Now that you know which adapter you need, head over to the product page and buy your snow foam cannon now!

Still not sure which adapter you need? Contact us! 

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  • Glen Owlan on


    Will any of these adaptors fit the Gerni Quick-Connect adaptors (used by all the Gerni’s sold at Bunnings)?

    Thanks, G.

  • Branko on

    If it’s the electric Homelite washer, you’ll need a Bosch AQT adapter.
    If it’s the petrol version, you can use either the M22 female or the 1/4" quick connect depending on where you want the snow foam cannon to be attached.

    Onix washer will be able to use a Bosch AQT adapter.

  • Chris on

    Checking if you have a home lite addaptor as i purchased pressure washer from bunnings

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