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3 Reasons to Use a Snow Foam Cannon

lance snow foam

Car washing doesn’t have to be a burden for car owners. With the right materials and tools at hand, this task can be turned into a fun and qucaick weekly activity. One product that can help you make car washing more enjoyable is the Foamee Snow Foam Cannnon.

How does it work?

Foamee is a snow foam lance that comes with a tank that can hold 1L of liquid and is attached to a jet nozzle. It utilizes air-injection technology that allows it to produce super thick foam. With this snow foam lance, all you have to do is walk around your car with your lance in hand as it produces thick foam to cover your car. You no longer have to touch your vehicle to pre-soak or apply detergent. Hand car washing can lead to accidental swirl marks and micro-scratches and Foamee aims to save you from such risks.

3 reasons to use Foamee

1. No more ugly swirl marks

Incorrect car washing steps can lead to accidental marks and scratches on your car and improper usage of cleaning products can add to these damages. Imagine how disappointing it would be finding a slight scratch on your newly painted car because you used a sponge without pre-washing your car. This often happens when trying to remove accumulated dirt that was hardened by time. The snow foam produced by Foamee provides added lubrication to soften such dirt, preventing any possible scratches or swirl marks in the process.

Swirl marks from improper washing


2. Air Injection Valve

Air Injection Valve uses air and water to take advantage of your preferred car detergent. As it attaches to your pressure washer on its hi-tech nozzle, it smoothly covers your vehicle in thick foam, a way to gently melt dirt away. The snow foam produced by Foamee can get into even the smallest cracks and crannies of your vehicle for a total makeover. Air injection foam technology is the surest way of keeping your car clean without leaving any water spots and streaks. For car owners who regularly clean their vehicles, the Foamee lance spray can take care of light dirt, dust and grit easily, allowing a touch-free car wash.

3. Eco-friendly

Traditional car washing means fetching buckets and buckets of water to thoroughly clean a car. According to reports, old-fashion car washing can spend up to 100 litres of water. This can be easily reduced with the use of a snow foam lance.

There are car washers who don’t know how to properly use car washing detergents and cleaning chemicals. Incorrect usage of such can increase pollution in the environment. This is something that Foamee is trying to avoid. With this foam lance, all you have to do now is point the nozzle towards your car and the snow foam will cling to the car with near zero run off.

You can find more information and purchase a Foamee snow foam cannon here. 

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