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Snow Foam Cannon vs Snow Foam Gun. Which is Best?

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Snow foaming your car, motorbike or truck has grown rapidly in popularity as enthusiasts are realising how safe, quick and fun snow foaming is. It is safer for your vehicle when used as a touchless car wash or pre-wash, which greatly reduces the chances of creating swirl marks as well as reducing the time needed to wash your car.

Our team often get asked which is the best snow foam product for them between the snow foam gun versus the snow foam cannon/lance. Read below for what we recommend.

Snow Foam Cannon / Lance

Snow Foam Cannon

The snow foam cannon connects to your electric or petrol pressure washer. It is available for virtually all brands such as Gerni, Karcher, Lavor, AR Blue Clean, Aldi Workzone, Bosch AQT, Jet USA, Ryobi and plenty more. If your pressure washer has a  ¼” quick connect fitting then adapters for these are also available.

We recommend the snow foam cannon/lance if:

  1. You own a pressure washer

The snow foam lances are specifically designed to be used with pressure washers. They attach on like any other connector and create a thick foam on your ride that can sit on for at least five minutes before rinsing is necessary. You also get all of the benefits of having a pressure washer to rinse your vehicle after.

  1. You have enough space to pressure wash your car

Being quite thick foam and at high pressure, the snow foam lance can overspray onto surrounding areas. If this is not an issue for your setup then the lance is recommended.

  1. You have enough time to setup your pressure washer and lance

Not everyone has plenty of time to car wash. If you have at least 20 to 40 minutes to setup your pressure washer, then the lance is recommended. Better yet, if your pressure washer is ready to go and all you need to do is setup the lance then you can simply setup your lance and start foaming away. If you are time poor, the lance may not be for you when compared to the snow foam gun.

Required: Pressure washer, water hose, power and snow foam lance.

Foam Thickness: Very high with 5+ minutes of dwell time.

Snow Foam Gun

Snow Foam Gun

The Snow foam gun connects to your regular water hose making the snow foam gun a viable option for most people. By simply attaching to your garden hose, setup costs and time needed is very low.  

We recommend the snow foam gun if:

  1. You don’t have much time to wash your car

If you’re all about speed and don’t have the time to setup a pressure washer, the snow foam gun is recommended for you. The snow foam gun is like your regular garden hose trigger gun except it attaches to a bottle for your detergent to sit in. Just click it on and you’re ready to foam. The gun can also be detached just as easily to rinse the foam away.

  1. You want foam and don’t mind if it’s not super thick

The snow foam gun does not shoot out foam as thick as the snow foam lance but does produce similar results as a bubbly bucket wash that is instead shot onto your car through the gun. The foam will still sit on the car and will last 2+ minutes on the car on average. The foam thickness is based on your garden hose pressure and the setting on the adjustable dial on the gun.

  1. You want fast and easy set up

The snow foam gun does not require any power or extra tools to work, leaving you with the ability to click on the gun, turn on the water and foam away. Packing up is even quicker.

Required:  Water hose and snow foam gun

Foam Thickness: Medium with 2+ minutes of dwell time.

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